Card TKandMit Ibuki version
User Information
Account Name TKandMit
Real Name Amy Kelly
Avatar OUDIV-TK&Mit
Alliases TK
Tkwarrior (former)
Status Active
Symbolic Character Ibuki Mioda
Symbolic Character Picture Ibuki Mioda
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
ERB Wiki Title #MitAsMoe
Joined the wiki on November 1, 2012
ERB Wiki Edits 22,100
Ranked on the ERB Wiki #5
ERB Wiki Database
Battle Information
Favorite ERB Battle Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers
Favorite ERB Character Edgar Allan Poe
You can Shake my Speare.
— TK, after performing William Shakespeare live.

TKandMit is an active and trusted user of the ERB Wiki, formerly known as Tkwarrior. She is known for his rap battle series, Epic Rap Battles of Heroes and Villains.

On September 16, 2015, TK went to an Epic Rap Battles of History concert during their 2015 Tour. She was called up by Nice Peter to rap as William Shakespeare in Dr. Seuss vs William Shakespeare. Video of the performance can be found here.