Left 4 speed
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User Information
Account Name Left 4 speed
Real Name Nah
Avatar 150px-3137688.png
Alliases L4S, Speed,
Status Semi-Active
Date of Birth and Age % one morning when the sun didn't shine
Nationality Stoner
Symbolic Character A Dog
Symbolic Character Picture Dogg
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
ERB Wiki Title Wiki Elder
Joined the wiki on December 5, 2012
ERB Wiki Edits 4000+
Ranked on the ERB Wiki #15
Wiki Relationship Single
Wiki Rival ClassicalExpendable
ERB Wiki Database
Battle Information
Favorite ERB Battle Blackbeard vs Al Capone
Favorite ERB Character Moses
Favorite ERB Suggestion Johnny Cash vs Eminem
Music Legends Battle Royale
Stan Lee vs Walt Disney
Indiana Jones vs James Bond
Fanmade Battles KIm Jong-Un vs PSY
Win-Tie-Lost Ratio Lol who gives a shit?
Inhale the good shit and exhale the bullshit.
— Left 4 speed

Left 4 speed  is a user on the ERB Wiki. He has been a part of the ERB wiki since December 2011, making him one of the oldest users and a "wiki elder".

He accepts requests from other users to make ERB stuff  such as title cards, fan arts, and "ITunes covers". Customers have included WachowmanCE, BackToTheFuturama86,  and DamasterW.

Rap BattlesEdit

User BattlesEdit

Non-Tourney BattlesEdit

Normal Battles:Edit

Character BattlesEdit

One Person Rap Series

Character vs character: non-series

Character vs. character: non-series/non-tournamentEdit

Zorro (Left4Speed) vs. Robin Hood (DexterMaximus).

Character vs. character: tournamentEdit

Pixelated Rap Tourney

Zeus (Left4Speed) vs. Superman (723tbone).

Dis RapsEdit


  • Despite being one of the oldest users, he isn't in line for chatmod due to his semi-active status.