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Account Name FranktheStoryteller
Real Name Frank
Avatar 150px-6913371.png (1)
Alliases CE, Father CE, Priest CE
Status Blocked
Date of Birth and Age 1994 (age 19)
Nationality Dutch
Symbolic Character Charles Bronson
Symbolic Character Picture Funny-rapper-quotes
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
ERB Wiki Title Troll
Joined the wiki on March 4, 2013
ERB Wiki Edits 728
Ranked on the ERB Wiki 36
Wiki Rival Left4Speed
ERB Wiki Database
ERB Wiki Database Title Admin
ERB Wiki Database Edits 628
Ranked on the ERB Wiki Database 1
Disabled ClassicalExpendable
Sockpuppets Epic_Chief

Dudesnoban Dudesnoban2 Nachowman Lachowman Mr. Combat Evolved Mr contact Error Crime_Eater Clint_Eastwoodinator Carl Edwards Crush_the_Ether

Battle Information
Favorite ERB Battle Steve Jobs vs, Bill Gates
Favorite ERB Character Adolf Hitler
Favorite ERB Suggestion Indiana Jones vs. Steve Irwin
Fanmade Battles 4
Rapseries Epic Survival Tropical Tombraiding Rap Battles of History
Favorite Fanmade Battle Meatholl vs. MrPietCaptain (vs. ClassicalExpendable)
Everyone is Expendable
— Priest ClassicalExpendable
ClassicalExpendable, better known by his initials CE, and formerly known as Epic_Frank, was an active troll on the ERB Wiki. He was known as the wiki priest and made several blogs on this subject. He is the writers of the so called ERB Bible Series  and made some rap battles.

He is one of the three Dutchketeers, the others being Meatholl and MrPietcaptain.

He got Dis Rapped by Four4 and Fire made a song about him.


Classical Expendable is a name CE came up with after watching The Expendables. This movie includes many famous action stars like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jet Li. CE loves these actionstars, but in the 60's and 70's there were also stars like these like: Clint Eastwood, Richard Roundtree and Bruce Lee.

They are like Classical action stars, that founded the genre, and are simillar to the Expendables, but kick way more ass. Therefore they are Classical Expendable. CE's favoire Classical Expendable action star is Charles Bronson, also known as leatherface or The Face of Death who starred in movies such as Once upon a time in the West and the famous Death Wish movieseries. 

Now Classical Expendable can also be seen as the fact that being expendable, like not going to a party and that not being a big deal, is something we all experience. We do not mean as much for most of the people, than we might think. And sometimes we mean more for them than we could ever dream.

CE's slogan is 'Everyone is Expendable'.

- When The Boogieman goes to sleep, he check for Chuck Norris under his Bed. When Chuck Norris goes to bed, he checks for Clint Eastwood under is bed. But when Clint will go to his grave, he wil first check if BRONSON is not there yet. - 

Rap BattlesEdit

I: Left4Speed

II: Poskitch

III: Meatholl

IV: LakuitaBro (as Mr. Combat Evolved)

V: Meatholl vs. MrPietCaptain vs Classical Expendable.

ERB Bible SeriesEdit

CE wrote the ERB Bible Series in which he combined the real world, fantasy worlds, the characters of ERB and the ERB Wiki community. It started with the Original Classical Series which went nowhere.

ERB Bible Series: Original Classical SeriesEdit

ERB Bible I - Let There Be Epic

ERB Bible II - Arrival of Susej

ERB Bible III - Lasse, King of the North

ERB Bible IV - The Bear, The Bird, The Witch and the Dragon

ERB Bible Series: Reboot SeriesEdit

After a while CE rebooted the series and made a huge story which is yet to conclude.




CE has a weird sence of humor. One day he came into chat as 'Nachowman, as an imitator of Wachowman. Then he created Lachowman and got banned. When he told the truth he was banned infinite and started sockpuppeting. He created several accounts with the obvious initials of CE

His sockpuppetaccounts (and this list is real for the real CE made it)

Made before participating to the wiki







CE initials accounts

Mr. Combat Evolved

Mr Contact Error



Carl Edwards



CE has a fascination for Trolls and so became one, though he claims to not be a real bad guy. 

He also made the empty Devil Wiki as an altar for trolls.

Before his ban he held a sarcastic campaign called #Devilforadmin2013 in which he claimed he wanted the banned troll Devil to become admin and to change ERB Wiki to Trollpedia where only trolls were allowed.

Rules of Trollpedia:

1. Everybody is a troll, if you're not, you get banned forever (that's a long time).

2. Everybody has to sockpuppet ALL THE TIME, no exceptions, all the time, as many accounts as you can.

3. You have to worship Devil as a God and sacrifice a goat every first friday of the month for every sockpuppet account he has.

In the future he may upload a blog called Study of the Troll: How I became one as a semi-part of his Bible Series.

Chespin's ArmyEdit

CE was a proud general in the Chespin Army during the war against Christian.

Random TournamentEdit

He was about to start a random tournament before he got banned.

Links to the Random Tournament Page