CJMaster, aka Clara James, is an ex-user on ERB Wiki, one of the few non-troll ex-users. She was an avid Doctor Who fan, especially of the character Clara Oswin Oswald, which inspired her original username. She was brutally taken from us in 2013 by the curse that is cancer. She left to go on a holiday, wherever she wanted, before she...left. These places were revealed to be Hawaii, India, England, and China. Many users paid their respects to Clara; notable examples being a moral drawn by BackToTheFuturama86, and two songs written by Tkwarrior.

On late October of 2013, CJMaster "passed away". But on January 2014, it was revealed she faked her death and now uses her real name as her user name. She has once again disabled her account, though.


Clara was a lighthearted person, never got into fights. She became the stepmother of Dexter, Kev and Mr. A for a short period of time, after becoming involved with Meat. She wrote a lot of non-battle raps, and was a good friend of fellow rap-writer TK. Her profile can be found here

Her rapsEdit

  • Pie In The Sky
  • Steampunk ft. Tkwarrior
  • Thumbs Up

Other BlogsEdit

  • Just Tellin Ya I'm Changin My Name (after her username change from ClaraOswinOswald to CJMaster)
  • Good Bye (announcing her departure, not only from this wiki, but unfortunately leaving us altogether.
  • CJMaster vs Tkwarrior (a would-be rap battle with Tkwarrior that was started, but never finished and released)