Alanomaly Rap Battles is a fan-made series written by Alanomaly. It was announced on September, 17, 2014, and the first battle aired January 23, 2015. It is mainly comprised of team battles and royales. Originally, the series would be ten battles per season. However, during the second season, Alan did away with the idea of doing seasons, and just does battles whenever. The theme of the series has also shifted more towards whatever Alan feels like doing.


Season 1Edit

  • Big Time Rush vs Flight of the Conchords
  • Will Smith vs Adam Sandler
  • Queen Elsa vs Sub-Zero
  • Ben 10 vs The Doctor
  • Eminem vs Johnny Cash
  • Garfield vs Snoopy
  • Lief Erikson vs Dovahkiin
  • H. H. Holmes vs Norman Bates
  • Johnny 5 vs Claptrap
  • Hindu Gods vs Egyptian Gods

Season 2Edit

  • Historical Assassins vs Assassin's Creed
  • Kate Upton vs Marilyn Monroe
  • ZONE-Tan vs Michael Bay
  • Sam & Dean vs Bo & Kenzi

Post-Season 2Edit

  • Deadpool vs Harley Quinn
  • ATLAS & P-Body vs sans & PAPYRUS (Pacifist)
  • Question vs L Lawliet
  • Doctor Strange vs Dr. Fate
  • Mercer Frey vs Santa Claus
  • Mr. Krabs vs Tamatoa
  • Wonder Woman vs Xena: Warrior Princess


  • Eastern Cartoons vs Western Cartoons
  • T-Dub vs Rappin For Jesus


  • Ben 10 vs The Doctor 2
  • Ben 10 vs The Doctor 3 (upcoming)

Guest WritersEdit

  • Iamthelegion: The Doctor (Ben 10 vs The Doctor)
  • The Flatwoods Monster (upcoming)